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OE/CCOM Seminar Series - A Bit of Underwater Acoustics and Oceanic Ambient Noise - Dr. David Bradley
David Bradley, an Affiliate Research Professor at the University of New Hampshire presents, "A Bit of Underwater Acoustics and Oceanic Ambient Noise"

A quick overview of underwater acoustics and what is required to make oceanic measurements.The ocean is a harsh environment and the demands on electronic and mechanical equipments are high. In addition, the interests of scientists and engineers lead to measurement systems that are far more expensive and complex than their terrestrial counterparts. The United Nations has established a world-wide network of sensors as part of system to monitor for clandestine Nuclear Weapon testing. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (or, CTBTO), as part of this network, has a number of undersea sites that collect the acoustic signals that have traveled via the ocean, from a test site to the sensor. The data is collected 24/7 and retained; this data is available to researchers around the world to use for analysis of ambient noise in the ocean. Examples of the data and discussion of its value to the research community will be presented.

Oct 12, 2018 3:15 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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